Backpacks for Robots

Yellow Robot

The cable dress pack from Robotec Systems supplies the tool arm of the robot. (©HELUKABEL)

WHEN YOU WATCH THE PRODUCTION LINES IN CAR MANUFACTURING, you see countless robots moving their arms according to precise programming. In order for 250 robots in the Volkswagen (VW) manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, TN, USA to carry out their work automatically, HELUKABEL subsidiary Robotec Systems put together 500 cable assemblies. Cables and wires are combined in a dress pack that sits on the back of each robot like a backpack. The dress pack provides the robot’s tool arm with electricity, transmits data, or cools down welding applications by supplying water. HELUKABEL USA will be storing spare parts in their Chicago, IL, USA warehouse to support VW in the future to minimize maintenance downtime. Marko Dhan, Branch Manager-North at Robotec Systems, is very pleased to partner with the car manufacturer, ”We have already worked together with VW on a number of projects in the last decade, and look forward to working more with them in the future.“