HELUKABEL Builds New Facility in Haan

Concentrated expertise in electrical connection technology under one roof

Helukabel's New Location in Haan, Germany

The HELUKABEL Group is building a new facility in Haan, North Rhine-Westphalia, by 2025.

The HELUKABEL Group is creating space for further growth: The electrical connection technology specialist is building a new site in Haan, North Rhine-Westphalia. As of 2025, the facility will not only house HELUKABEL's Rhine-Ruhr branch, which was previously located in Duisburg, but also the subsidiaries EKD Systems and Robotec-Systems.

EKD Systems GmbH specialises in the development and production of cable drag chains made of steel, stainless steel and plastic and has been part of the HELUKABEL Group since the beginning of 2022. Robotec-Systems GmbH’s core business is hose and media packages for robotics and was acquired by HELUKABEL in 2012. At the new facility in Haan, both subsidiaries will work alongside their HELUKABEL colleagues under one roof. Since their customers and business areas overlap in many instances, the corporate group is hoping for considerable synergistic effects from the move to the new location.

"On the one hand, we are expanding our capacity with the new building so that we can continue to grow," explains Andreas Hoppe, Chief Financial Officer at HELUKABEL. The goal is to increase the number of employees on site from the current number of 70 to 150 by 2030. "On the other hand, we are in an even better position to integrate our joint capabilities in order to offer our customers ready-to-use and customised complete solutions in electrical connection technology."

The city of Haan was a logical choice in many respects for the home of the new building, adds Hoppe: "Its geographical proximity to our previous locations is hugely advantageous. After all, many of our existing customers are located here, and our employees do not have to face a longer commute. The excellent infrastructure and attractive location in the middle of the economically strong Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region were also strong reasons for choosing Haan."